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Top 4 Interesting French Blogs You Have To Read

Read French blogs to learn French - Paris o'clock

Once you search the internet, you can discover almost anything! From clips to songs, from growing crops to learning a foreign language, there is something for everyone.

To put it another way, there is anything and everything.

Alright, that is indeed great, however, the only drawback is that you can seamlessly get misplaced in the sea of internet sites. It is not always easy to find a hidden gem.

The greatest part about learning French available on the internet is having so many excellent cheap free tools.

The very worst part: there are far too many sufficient services. This includes knowing French blog posts.

Kudos, you’ve just discovered the article that lists the top French blog posts to pursue.

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With that, let us take a keener look at some of the best French blogs.

1.  FluentU

The FluentU website for French vocabulary learning publicises fortnightly blog posts to assist you to get the most out of your research.

Take a glance at the website “Groupings,” that will allows users to easily traverse the sort of content users require.

Whether it’s research tips, educational materials, linguistic help, or anything else.

You could also use the search function to see whether they have captured a particular subject that you require assistance with.

You could also sign up for their weekly email to receive their greatest latest blog directly in your mailbox.

FluentU’s objective is to help you speak French interestingly and interactively.

They have the FluentU dialect app in addition to their French website.

2.  French Today

French Today, there is a platform that specialises in audio recordings and instruction for students and offers extra diverse materials.

This is for gaining knowledge by presenting an exhilarating plethora of bits and bobs with articles about everything and anything French people and culture.

Many of the articles have a straightforward genre.

They typically begin with a brief opening paragraph, followed by a series of bulleted or brief, insightful sections.

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a few underscored phrases and sentences that link to audio recordings in French about matters pertaining to the blog’s theme.

The articles are authored by a number of scholars and are organised into multiple categories.

3.  Bondy Blog

The Bondy Blog was established in 2005 as a way for a group of 50 emerging adults to communicate.

They seem to be from Seine-Saint-Denis and were excited to engage in France’s political debates.

The Bondy Blog has collaborated with a variety of organisations, news reporting education institutions, tv programs, and charitable organizations since its initial conception.

Bondy Blog’s articles, which are presently featured on the website of the newspaper La Libération, are insanely wealthy, perspicacious, and multi-faceted.

The post is commended for giving insight into the often-overlooked France Populaire working-class France.

4.  Green et Vert

Green et Vert, the self-proclaimed unstoppable generator for continuous production (endless source on sustainable development).

Many people seem to agree that it stands the test of time.

Green et Vert seems to be more worldwide than that of the Environmentalists website, and you can peruse it by area of the globe and read its clear and concise and insightful posts around a variety of topics.

Food production, ecosystems, the financial system, and climate change are all included.

Why not embrace your inner écolo (short for écologiste, a person concerned about environmental issues)?

Learn about the number of digital rubbish dumps in African nations, as well as the environmental moral dilemma of coming to terms with environmental damage in Paris.

A rare find.


These are inspiring and hugely beneficial French blogs for improving one‟s French skills.

In actuality, there are so many blogs that you might splurge an eternity and a day looking for the versions that are correct for you.

If you are just beginning your educational journey or an innovative learner.

We have compiled a list of great blog posts helmed by the greatest blog posts available.

If you’re a French scholar seeking to upgrade your French, an instructor searching for resources, or merely wondering about what some of fervently activities to indulge in living in France.

These blog posts will spur you and show you why they are among the top French blogs today.