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The Sewer Pipes Needed Cleaned

Water started backing up in our shower a few weeks ago. I knew that there was a problem with the pipes because nothing I did was working to keep the water down. I knew that this problem could turn into a major headache if I did not take care of it sooner rather than later. I can handle minor backups with my drain cleaner, but something of this magnitude required a company that does sewer cleaning in NJ. I had never needed to hire a plumber before so I just went online and started to do some research on the ones who were local to me.

I was able to find a quality plumber this way, and the appointment was made for the next day. I really liked that they said they could shift some things to come out that day if it was an emergency because that made me know they would do that if a more urgent problem came up in the future. When they came out, the plumber ran a camera down the drain to see what was happening in the pipes. There were definitely some clogged areas, and he told me what all he saw.

I was surprised to hear that the bulk of it was tree roots. There was not a tree close to the line, but he told me that the roots grow in different directions. He was not surprised to see the roots, nor was he surprised to see a few toys in there. I have three boys, so that really did not surprise me much. He was able to clean the pipes quickly, and I have not had any problems with water backing up into my shower since then. He was quick and professional, and the price was extremely affordable. I will definitely use them again in the future if the need arises!

Temporary Office in the Car

I’ve been working from home for the past year, and in the winter, my central heating system stopped putting out heat. When I used to work in the office, I didn’t have to worry about this because if anything went wrong, someone else would repair it. I had to find someone to do HVAC repair in NYC. While looking, I still had to do work. I tried to do the work while wearing multiple layers, but I was still too cold. I came up with a temporary solution to my problem. I have an electric car, and I used it as my work space while running the car’s heater.

Since the car is purely electric, I could run it from my garage without having to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. I pulled my seat back and set my laptop on my lap while using it in the driver’s seat. I did my daily work routine and during my lunch break, I used some time to search for a company that could do the repairs to my central heating system. Finding the company was pretty easy, as all I had to do was look for one that had the highest ratings out of any HVAC company.

When a worker from the company came after contacting them, I let them in to look at the heater, while I continued to do my work from the car. It wasn’t long after I let the worker in to repair the heater that the repairs were already done, and I could turn the car off and go back inside. Although working inside my car was less than ideal, I only had to do it for a short time, and hopefully I won’t have to do it again when summer comes. I can’t deal with a broken air conditioner, no matter how much cold air my car can produce.

Getting a Memorial Stone for My Parent’s Grave

I walked around the cemetery after my mother and father were both now buried. Mom did not want to get a memorial stone for the grave until she passed. She told me that it should be up to my sister and I what to put on the stone. She did not tell us what she wanted, but she hinted about it enough times that we think we fulfilled her wishes to an exactness even better than if she had put it in writing. You just have to know how Jewish moms are. Jewish memorials in NJ can be quite elaborate and visually stunning. The big Star of David is prominent on plenty of stones in the cemetery.

Mom hinted at not wanting a plain gray stone or white stone. She would talk about how she likes the glossy black look of stones she would see when we visited Dad’s grave. Continue reading

Started on My New Job

In fact it was pretty dramatic the way I got this job. The woman who used to do this stuff had a full out mental breakdown. It started with a contract to do facility management hvac in New York City. Of course that is a trivial thing in the big scheme of things, but the boss retired about a month ago and this is a family own real estate management company. So the boss’ second oldest son is now the boss and to be honest the boy is a jerk. Like a lot of rich kids, he has hardly ever had to earn anything his entire life. Continue reading

Searching for Newport News Apartments

When looking for an apartment, it is necessary to narrow down exactly what you are looking for in both the actual apartment and the complex. For some, it is important that a community has a certain amount of amenities along with the right size and look of an apartment. For others, they are less concerned about the amenities and more focused on the livability of the apartment and the location of the complex. When looking at apartments for rent in Newport News VA there are plenty of options, but only some will fit the bill for everything you want in an apartment.

In cases where your main goal is to find the best apartment and complex, set up visits to communities with available apartments that fit your criteria, such as a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment with at least 1,000 square feet. Continue reading

Apartment Living Makes Traveling for Long Periods of Time So Much Easier

We wanted to explore and see things while we were young, so we bought a used RV to work and live in when we first got married. We are originally from Missouri. We had finished college, where we met, and got married after graduation. One of the things that got us together was our desire to explore. We needed a home address and place to return to when not out traveling, so we looked at apartments in Florissant just outside of St. Louis. We wanted a place that was affordable, and would be comfortable when we came back from being on the road.

We would go places on a whim more than having a plan. Continue reading

A Bigger Apartment for Our Growing Family

My husband and I moved into an apartment when we first got married six years ago. It was a very small one that had no amenities whatsoever, but we were so in love it did not matter to us. We did have two bedrooms then, so when I became pregnant we did not have to move. However, I got pregnant again last year, and we knew that it was time to start looking at apartments in Fort Worth because a small two bedroom apartment for four people was just not going to cut it.

Thankfully, my husband’s job has been really good to him, and he has moved up the so called ladder there. Instead of making just enough to scrape by, we are living comfortably now. That is why I wanted to look at the Bella Vista apartments when I found out I was pregnant. I knew that they have three bedroom apartments because I have seen them advertised before. Continue reading

I Needed Help with Pay Stub Deductions

I had no idea when I decided to start selling some photographs of mine that it would turn into a full time career. I love going out and taking pictures of unique things in the region I live in, and it seems that other people like my photographic take on things in their own backyards. Once the orders started pouring in, I knew that I was going to have to hire someone to help me part time. Otherwise, half my day would be spent doing administrative things. I went online to look at a pay stub generator after finding a local housewife who could use the extra income to supplement her husband’s income.

I did this because I did not want to have to hire a bookkeeper on top of hiring a part time helper. Continue reading