When it comes to decision making, humans are always sovereign thinkers. From getting a new car, to buying things online, we depend solely on our network’s opinions or perspectives to help make the right choices.

With the help of the internet, we are no longer restricted to the opinions of just friends or colleagues; we can seek the opinions of people from all over the world with just a quick Google search.

It is said that customer reviews impact the decision of potential customers whether positively or negatively by over 90%. Therefore, it is highly advisable that reviews are properly scrutinized before published.

Writing a review takes a lot more than just putting pen to paper. So, if you are finding it difficult to write a useful and comprehensive customer review, below are a few tips that could help.

1.Provide useful, constructive feedback

A good review is expected to include adequate details, thereby giving potential customers a feeling of what happened. It would be helpful if you give insights on what contributed to your good or bad experience. Most importantly, it would be very nice if you suggest ways in which the company can improve.

2.Keep it civil and friendly

Publishing a review online means such a review becomes a part of public records. This simply implies that the company is indirectly entrusting their brand in your hands. They trust that you would have nothing other than good reports about them. But in a situation where this is not the case, it is not advisable to start dishing out judgments, you are expected to stay calm and sober, explain what transpired, how they went wrong, and leave it to the readers to draw their conclusions.

3.Do not make your review too short

Whether you loved your experience or not, other customers and even the business, would want to hear and read what you have to say about it. So, do not hold back your information. Longer customer reviews have proven to be much more efficient than that of a few words, because they contain more information, and they tend to be more specific.

4.Be honest

Basically, going by all factors that have been listed so far, it is safe to say quality reviews rely on honesty more than any other factor. Potential customers use your feedback in order to decide whether or not to go on with the purchase of a product from a certain brand. So, it is important that you are 100% honest when leaving your feedback.

5.Proofread your review

Some reviews tend to be filled with errors, and this may make them sound or look less credible to informed readers. As such, it is a very good thing to reconfirm if your review makes sense, and also to make sure that there are no typographical errors before clicking the post button.

Writing a useful customer review is not that much of a work. All you have to do is just to make sure that you give out all necessary information, and not be biased about it. Also, always have it at the back of your mind that a customer review decides whether or not potential customers patronize a brand.