Started on My New Job

In fact it was pretty dramatic the way I got this job. The woman who used to do this stuff had a full out mental breakdown. It started with a contract to do facility management hvac in New York City. Of course that is a trivial thing in the big scheme of things, but the boss retired about a month ago and this is a family own real estate management company. So the boss’ second oldest son is now the boss and to be honest the boy is a jerk. Like a lot of rich kids, he has hardly ever had to earn anything his entire life. He has been working here for a good long while and if he had been applying himself, then he would know all that he needs to know. Instead he has spent all of his time being a real pain in the backside to all of the pretty girls who work here. Of course I have personally seen one of them put him on the floor with a knee to the groin.

At any rate the woman I am replacing is about thirty eight years old, but she could easily be described as a cougar. In fact she would flirt with me openly without much regard to what other people thought, but that was all that it was. The new boss is a totally different matter. She really despises this guy, and since she should be sitting behind his desk if it were based on merit, there is pretty good reason. He would hit on her all of the time and she would always make things clear and do it loudly enough for everyone to hear. At any rate this last time she really flew off of the handle and hit him over the head with something.