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Five Alerts To Franchise Fraud

For the new investor, not having to start a new business from scratch offers significant advantage, both in time taken to earn a return and in initial investment cost. Marketing costs are expected to be reduced. Of course its in the interest of the franchisor that quality franchisees succeed and the franchisor support offered is a quantifiable attraction. How does that investor reduce the risk of fraud in the due diligence process?

The relationship of the investor franchisee with the franchisor will and must be ongoing. As with any contractual arrangements it should go without saying that both parties to the contract must honor it. Disputes arise in the best of relationships and some may give rise to litigation initiated by either party on the basis of fraud Here are five key areas where possibilities for fraud may exist to destroy the plans of the franchisee from the commencement of contract. Some will be familiar to the first time investor as a risk for an entrepreneur; but all warrant that second take.

Make sure to look only at quality franchise offerings. The new to franchising investor should forget the passion for a particular business and try to be more objective. Just as too popular franchises will be more expensive, may be subject to passing fads, or have fierce competition alongside the sales territory defined in the proposed contract, there are the few franchisors that are known to someone as sharp operators. Every franchise offering could have a number of unhappy, unsuccessful franchisees who may claim to be subject to fraud A strong internet search should be done and, if done on behalf, not stop at page one Google. . Speak to Franchisees. Is there a pattern to the complaints? If the complaints make the investor uncomfortable this is an alert to move on to another option. The relationship with the franchisor must be built on trust and respect.

There should be a check whether the franchise principals have any history of litigation. Disputes over failure to perform can arise from either partys perspective. Franchising is a very litigious business and most franchise companies will have some history of legal actions but its important to separate fact from fiction (as the internet is filled with both). Was the franchisor looking to enforce their agreement to protect the brand and the system, or were they taking advantage of the franchisees? It is important to the franchisee to understand the competition. The investor`s lawyer may alert the investor to signs of undue competition. But what if the competition represented in various initial discussions about marketing does not in fact exist? Are there other flags of fraudulent practise of which the investor should be aware?

Franchisees must go in with eyes wide open. Use of detached, competent and professional help to draft the franchisee`s own business plan and research on earnings forecasts is an essential step as a protection against fraud on the part of the franchisor especially internationally where FTC type protections are non-existent. Breakeven analysis and less optimistic scenarios must be included and the investor should not place o reliance solely on the information provided by the franchisor, no matter how well known that particular franchise may be. In lower cost and lesser known franchise offerings, earnings performance may relate to the strengths and skills of the buyer; then again an optimistic earnings scenario provided to the potential investor may also be a flag of fraud. The investor should prepare a detailed assessment of initial investment costs and compare that with the data which must be requested from the franchisor.

There is a greater risk inherent in considering a start up franchise. It is in the interest of the inexperienced would be franchisee to choose a business for due diligence with a track record over a minimum of 4 to 5 years, with a minimum number of currently operating franchise units. Should the support and expert advice of a franchise consultant not be sought out at an early stage, there will be a need for basic legwork such as visiting the head office of the franchisor and viewing the training material for oneself.

To quote an old adage, the devil is in the detail, even before a study of the draft contract is the next step. Researching important detail early in the due diligence process will make the intended franchisee less concerned about the possibility of fraud. They should be comfortable with the quality of training and support provided, where it will be provided and for how long. A promise to send on the material later should be regarded as just that, a promise, and should be made good promptly. Delays in the provision of any paperwork agreed to be provided should alert the would be investor and their advisors and the franchisor challenged at an early stage in the process.

MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network was founded in 2006 with a mission of helping companies expand their franchise networks and improve their system profitability. Its mission included improving the quality of new Franchisees coming into a system. From its inception it was clear that complimentary advice offered to franchise buyers on the web site and by MatchPoint consultants is vital to the would be franchisee to enable a better, prudent, buying decision. The advice offered by our consultants does not make us lawyers, rather it is there to help bring all advice offered to the potential franchisee in the due diligence process to a high level of quality.

MatchPoint consultants trained by Nigel Mayne know the red flags of fraud in the industry. It takes the very few franchisors that practice franchise fraud to taint the dream of the franchisee. That`s where seeking the independent advice of an expert franchising consultant is prudent and invaluable.

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A beginners guide to social media optimization – Social media optimization (SMO) is a relatively new term. So dont beat yourself on the head if you have not heard much about it.The term came into use after Rohit Bharagava first used it to describe changes that are implemented in a website to increase its visibility in social media searches.

If SMO sounds a lot like SEO, theres a reason. Both are two sides of the same coin. Like SEO, SMO is aimed to drive huge volumes of targeted traffic to your website. Good SMO tactics can even decide the future of your start-up website.

Social Media is a loose term used to describe all those activities and tools through which people share their experiences, perspectives and ideas with each other. The most popular forms of social media include networking, blogs, vlogs, forums, audio and video. In other words, you could say that social media is the use of any tool that helps to build an online community where people can come together.

Social Media Optimization has hit online business and service sectors in a huge way simply because search engines are no longer the only tools for driving traffic to websites. Today, there are more powerful tools, namely social media, that can drive waves of targeted traffic to your site. As of date, SMO has not completely usurped the mighty Raj of SEO, but if you peer into the not-too-distant-future, chances seem quite shiny for SMO. Which is why entrepreneurs need to look at social media optimization more closely.

Social media optimization strategies help because you can easily use these strategies as effective marketing tools. You can quickly spread your marketing message through blogs, videos and audio. Social media networking is almost akin to good old word-of-mouth techniques, where one person spread the good word to another and so on, until large groups are actively involved. In fact, social media optimization is as powerful as a tidal wave when it comes to attracting web traffic. This is pull marketing at its best.

Social media optimization can boost your website rankings in a number of ways. It increases your linkability and brings you huge volumes of inbound links. It creates interest and woos customers.

Some of the best ways to manage your SMO strategy is: 1.Know your audience: The first step is to know your target audience. Know where your appeal lies and know how to charm this target audience. 2.Content creation: Social media is more like the ads you see on TV, where the content is so startling/attractive/thought-provoking as to pull mass attention. It really does not matter what product you are selling (it could be a boring old widget or it could be the latest diet miracle), create content that will hit the jugular. All you need to know is how to create content that works. 3.Be sincere: Social media is about translating your genuineness into your product. Do not fake it. Participate in the communication process, create awareness and work at prolonging the buzz you have created through your social media tool.

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Social Media Management Services- Improved Customer Relations And Business

With the advent of social networking sites, web based businesses have now got an opportunity to develop a better customer relationship. Social sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others have also changed the way doing business. This is where the importance of social media management services comes into play.

Startups may not properly comprehend how such services work. It’s true that it will take some amount of time to see fruitful results. The key to success is a well thought out plan to improve your company’s visibility on the web. So, it can be aptly said that social sites help you target your niche audience with an effective plan in place. In this article, we will talk about the several benefits of SM marketing services. Let’s read on to learn more.

Win the Trust of Customers

By announcing company events, discounts, and offers on Facebook pages, you get an opportunity to communicate with potential clients. You need not directly advertise your products or services but motivate clients to vote for your merchandise. Once users on such social sites come to know about your products, they will start liking and recommending it to others. This builds customers’ trust and they start to rely on your brand. A reputed social media marketing company will optimize your social media pages for enhanced visibility.

More Brand Awareness

Countless people use the web daily. And, most of them spend time on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A professional SM firm will make wise use of these sites so that more and more people come to know about your business pages. Besides announcing special events, you can also create a video demonstrating the benefits of your products. You can promote such videos using YouTube.

Studies show people like to see web videos than reading plain text. Therefore, if you can explain the features of your products using short, compelling videos, there is nothing like it. It’s important that you keep your audience updated with frequent videos or short posts. In other words, you need to update your content on a regular basis. This way, you get more visitors to your website earning you brand loyalty.

Encourages Market Survey

No business, big or small can expect to survive without listening to customers. When it comes social media management services, they play a pivotal role in encouraging people to talk about your products, rate them, and provide feedback after using the goods. Customers like to participate in online surveys and polls. It allows them to candidly express their opinions about products or services.

Scope for Improvement

When people start talking about your products or services, they are actually expressing their honest opinions on how good or bad a particular merchandise is. With valuable comments and feedback, there is scope for improvement. You get ideas as to how to improve your products or services to meet the changing needs of your customers. You can use the social platforms to tweak your marketing message according to the feedback provided by users.

What are your views on this topic? Please feel free to share your comments.

If You Think You Understand Homes Then Read This

So, you’ve decided to go on vacation?

But you aren’t sure how you’re going to make it! After all, vacations are super expensive and you aren’t entirely sure how you’re going to have enough to go where you would like to. Not to mention that you also have to make sure that you have enough for food, getting there, getting back, emergency money, and maybe if you have any spare money at all a souvenir or two. With such tough standards to follow, it can be difficult to decide what to do and also where to go.

However, sometimes even the best thought out vacations don’t work out. The main thing that comes to mind in these cases is that lovely group of people called college kids. College kids are nice and everything, but they have the added problem of being energetic and loud-in short, something you don’t want when you are trying to take a vacation. You don’t want to get off a plane only to find out that everyone is yelling and screaming at your hotel you want to relax, sit back, maybe take a nice nap. You can’t do that if it’s super duper loud! So, what can you do?

Well, you can look into luxury vacation homes. But, just by reading the words luxury vacation homes, you probably cringed. However, there’s really no need for cringing or panicking. As a matter of fact, with the right budgeting, you can get pretty much any luxury vacation home that you have in mind. It’s all a matter of having the right timing, the right budgeting mindset, and lots of planning.

First of all, before you do anything, figure out where you want to go. You never know if you’re going to end up somewhere weird for your vacation, so try and decide now. Even if summer is still a year away, you still need to know how much you’re going to have to save.

Next, keep an open mind. You may not realize it, but quite a few places offer discounts if you book early or if you go off season. You only have to ask. And remember you don’t have to go on vacation during the summer. Some people may find that the fall is better suited to their vacationing needs! Or perhaps spring! Or maybe you want to go somewhere hot during the winter instead! The point is you don’t have to have your vacation during the summer!

Lastly, you need to start budgeting, which is the most important part when you really come down to it.

First of all, see what extra money you have. If you have a certain amount extra that you are wasting each month-well, start putting it up! Try to get a rough estimate of how much this might be before but also keep in mind that you probably won’t save quite half of that.

Next, cut what you don’t need. Do you really need that super duper keychain polish? Chances are no. Do you really need that fourteen dollar cleaner? You could probably get the same thing cheaper and better smelling at the dollar tree. The point is to cut out the wants and keep it to the necessities. However, don’t lose your stress relievers.

A 10 Point Plan for Equipment Without Being Overwhelmed

The 10 Best Games On Facebook – Facebook is an all-around acclaimed amusing networking on the Internet appropriate now! Millions of users in the apple use facebook to accomplish affiliation with their family accompany or added peoples!

But actually, Facebook is not just affair with your old accompany or ancestors members! You can aswell play so abounding abounding accessible applications and amateur Which Can you play and use absolutely for free!

And now there are so abounding amateur in Facebook can accomplish you addictive. But, to play this addictive game, you should online and affiliated to the internet.

And youll not be able to play these amateur with adaptable buzz (you can forward cachet to Facebook from your adaptable buzz but you cant play these games), so this is the acumen why you should go aback to the computer.

At atomic that aureate developed in Farmville no crop failures. Here are the lists of 10 A lot of Accepted Facebook Amateur:

  1. Mafia Wars With added than 30 actor alive players, this bold became the lot of accepted bold on Facebook. Starting Mafia ancestors with your friends, run a bent empire, robbing, fighting, and recruiting associates and appetite to be the lot of able family. My admired one
  2. Restaurant City-limits In this game, you administer a restaurant in a basic city, and accomplish the best cuisine. Aswell attempt with added restaurants to become adept throughout the city.
  3. Farmville Farmed bold like Harvest Moon on the PlayStation. Develop agronomics and accomplish your accompany your neighbors. If you ailing abundant active in a big city, this bold can gives you the feel of accepting your own farm.
  4. FishVille What should be done is to advance fishes in the aquarium, augment the fishes and gain to buy anything, including angle food. This bold is appealing simple if youre acclimated to arena Farmville.
  5. Texas Holdem Poker For those who accept an amusement of arena cards dont decay your absolute money. Actualities you can play this bold with changeless chips and will accomplish you overlook to move from your pc monitor. Some of Face book users may apperceive anniversary added and become abutting because players can babble anniversary added live. We aswell can allotment chips amid humans or your friends.
  6. Moville This Basic Apple that allows users to actualize claimed avatars and adorn the house. Modillions can chat, play mini-games, abounding the event, interacting with absolute friends, and abrogation letters and gifts.
  7. Pet Society You can actualize your adapted own pets, including gender, name, and color, feed, bathe, and even appointment anniversary added with your friends.
  8. Cafe World Wanna be a chef? Try actuality first. You can baddest a dish, again there are accompany who helped as an aide to serve visitors. Design your own caf with your own conception could accomplish you adulation it.
  9. Happy Pets You could say these added absolute forms of Tamagotchi with funny pets.
  10. Country Life Similar to Farmville, but compared to some added agronomical bold on Facebook; Country Life may be one of the lot of simple to play. It just depends on which one do you prefer.

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A detailed technical analysis of QuickBooks hosting services

QuickBooks Hosting permits small businesses to incorporate functionality without acquiring additional IT support cost or pricey infrastructure. It enables a reliability of experience amongst users; it protects data, and encourages collaboration; delivering business technology advancements without extra cost. Application hosting & Cloud Computing permits businesses to supply the complete power of desktop and server-based software using their employees, franchisees, and accounting clients in a regular, per-seat Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Intuit QuickBooks software is the most popular and easy to use accounting software and widely-used accounting solution for businesses and professionals. It’s highly intuitive and is effective for small businesses, medium businesses and large enterprises as well. QuickBooks software hosted in the cloud enhances the application by permitting your organization a brand new way of affordability, agility, efficiency and security.

Access full featured QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Hosting on QuickBooks Terminal Servers enable you to access full top features of the newest QuickBooks application and for almost any version of the program you might have installed. Hosting not just saves on the time and effort of the installation and technicalities for different users, these may be run on just one single hosted system.

QuickBooks Hosting helps you to:
=>Utilize the latest version of QuickBooks or prior versions
=>No feature loss while moving to hosted applications
=>No additional learning on your own part
Latest updates automatically incorporated

QuickBooks Hosting supports:
=>All major Add-ons
=>More security as Add-on also hosted on the terminal servers
=>Easy and hassle free integration of varied versions of QuickBooks with latest Add-ons

Security And Reliability with QuickBooks Hosting Service:

Security of vital computer data and files is most essential to your business organizations. Threat to data security can occur either as a result of laxity in data transfer in the network or threat to the server storage characteristics. Data copied locally may suffer if the information lost accidentally or as a result of spywares or viruses. QuickBooks hosting service permit the storage of data in the safest way possible.

The information of your respective application is saved within highly protected data centers regularly as well as there is multiple backups of your respective files. Besides that, data transfer could be safe since it’s enabled through highly encrypted data transfer protocol.

One should have the best accounting for their accounting business but so is security and privacy also. With QuickBooks hosting services hosted on secure and private servers, you can access it quickly and safely right in your web browser or your remote desktop. QuickBooks hosting services are a services which is alternate to your local infrastructure.
Take a look at these QuickBooks hosting features that will boost your organization straight away:
=>Usage of accurate information everywhere
=>Freedom for your staff to provide better yet customer care
=>Faster response time
=>Easier collaboration
=>No more costly equipment, software or extra IT maintenance

QuickBooks hosting services include:
=>Unlimited QuickBooks Company Files
=>Daily Backups retained for two weeks
=>Export to Microsoft Excel

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Business Class Fiber Optic Internet Vs. A T1

Tucson AZ ‘ It’s one of the fastest growing business communities in the whole U.S. With any local Tucson business today, small or large, it is mandatory to have a reliable and verbose data/ internet connection.

A lot of Tucson businesses are on a “legacy” copper wire T1 solution provided by one of the large telecommunication companies like Qwest or one of it’s resellers like Time Warner Telecom or Integra Telecom

T1’s are a 24 channel circuit which provides a broadband internet connection straight from the provider backbone. As such, a T1 line is a stable and reliable broadband connection.

Even though a T1 is stable it still has an inherent weakness…. “A single point of failure.” A T1 is still a physical pair of copper wires that can be inadvertently cut. Depending on your exact physical street address and T1 provider proximity, a full T1 connection will normally cost between $375 and $1,000 monthly. The reason for the vast difference in price is partly due to something called a “mileage charge”

A mileage charge is basically a charge for how much copper wire it takes to physically deliver you a T1 to your location. The further away you are from telecommunication companies “central office” or “termination point” the more of a mileage charge you are going to have because it will take more copper wire and “hops” to get to your location.

A T1 is limited in total symmetrical bandwidth (bandwidth effects the speed of your connectivity) of 1.544 Mbps. If you ever need more bandwidth you will need to get another T1 and yes this does mean an additional $375 to $1000 per month…Yuck!

A T1 is really an outdated mode of business class internet delivery. Did you realize that a T1 data delivery method is a technology first developed in the late 1950’s and widely used by telecom companies for their own backbones by the early 1960’s? Yes a T1 is a technology that is almost 50 years old. Would you rely on a telephone from the late 1950’s to support your business needs? I assume not. So why would you rely on a copper wire technology from the late 1950’s?

A lot of local Tucson business owners get a T1 for their data and voice needs because they are convinced it is the most reliable means of data transmission for their mission critical business applications. They are convinced of this usually by the following methods:

  1. They have an outsourced IT person that either gets a kickback for every T1 they resell or T1’s is all they know because it’s all they used or ever recommended.
  2. A slick salesman for one of the major Telcos sold them on the idea that a T1 is the pinnacle of voice and data technology
  3. Their business neighbor is on a T1 so they naturally want to “keep up with the Jones’s” or they think that they must be on the same connection. I am here to tell you there is a better solution than a T1. For the sake of simplicity there are services that are – Faster – More reliable – More scalable – Lower cost than a T1 There are services that have – No single point of failure – Lower latency – More “symmetrical” bandwidth capacity Don’t settle for an inferior, overpriced T1 deployment. You have alternatives. Investigate other competing services for yourself…Google “T1 Alternatives”. You should not have to settle for an outdated overpriced data and voice solution when there are far superior services on the market that are not based on technology that is 50 years old such as legacy copper wire T1 solutions