Which Tv Shows Should You See if You Move to Germany?

Television is one of the best sources of entertainment in Germany. People in Germany typically spend substantial time watching various series and films. However, not every Tv set can offer the performance required by modern programs. Many people usually wonder which model can give them the best viewing experience and service when buying a new screen. Different models differ in prices and the range of functions and accessories. If you visit Germany and want help purchasing the best Tv model, samsung smart tv will be your best destination. Here, you will get the best TV models that will give the most awesome experience. Before purchasing any model, you can visit various online shops to compare its features and prices. You can as well visit reviews to learn the experience that previous customers had with that model. Here are some of the shows that you can watch in Germany after purchasing your best TV model.


“Dark” is one of Netflix’s most popular series in recent years. It’s a Netflix original series featuring an all-German cast that was created in Germany. It has received multiple honors both in Germany and internationally. Naturally, the show’s native language is German, but dubbing and subtitles in English are available. In addition, German closed captions are used rather than subtitles, which means that the captions exactly match spoken German. “Dark” follows residents of the fictional German village of Winden. Strange things are happening in Winden, starting with the disappearances of several of the locals’ family members. As the mystery unfolds and the plot grows, more skeletons emerge from the closets of the main characters: affairs, crimes, and suicides. This show entertains you and also helps you learn the German language. It is a show that you should plan to watch if you visit Germany.

    Doctor’s Diary

The comedy Doctor’s Diary is about a German doctor who is looking for love. This is a wonderful German language alternative for lovers of shows like Scrubs. It’s also a show you can watch while learning German. Gretchen, the primary character, is as clumsy in life as in love, and the show is filled with numerous mistakes and blunders. It’s lovely, hilarious, and at times harrowing. It is another entertaining and educative show that you will enjoy watching.


Without Tatort, no list of German TV series would be complete. Tatort, which is German for “crime scene,” is the country’s longest-running television program. Since the 1970s, they’ve been producing 30 feature-length episodes per year, and it’s undoubtedly the most talked-about show on television. It follows a rotating group of police investigators investigating crimes and putting the week’s biggest mysteries to rest across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Pastewka is a long-running German sitcom in which Bastian Pastewka’s narrative is told. The comic who plays him is a fictitious version of the same name. He’s rash, irritable, and frequently illogical. Nonetheless, it’s hilarious. Take a look at this moment as he is attempting to place an order at Burger King:

    “Danni Lowinski”

Danni works as a hairdresser while pursuing her legal degree at night. She aspires to work as a lawyer after graduation but cannot obtain a job in a firm. Unwilling to give up, she rents a modest room in a Cologne shopping mall and opens a low-cost legal help desk, charging one euro per minute. Danni’s rocky, often funny career as a lawyer begins here, as she assists her eccentric clients with her equally unconventional tactics.

    “Im Angesicht des Verbrechens” (“In the Face of the Crime”)

This 10-part German TV series on the Russian mafia in Berlin is one of the best German productions I’ve seen. Despite poor viewership when it was the first broadcast, it gained critical acclaim for its unusual plot and superb ensemble. It follows the narrative of police officer Marek Gorsky, the son of Latvian-Jewish immigrants, who is investigating the Russian mafia’s transactions in Germany’s capital with his colleague. Gorsky is a troubled man who fights with the memories of his brother’s unsolved murder case, and his sister is married to a Russian mobster in his job. This exciting action series is ideal for German students with a strong command of the language who want to be kept on the tip of their seats.

Germany is a lively country that everyone will enjoy visiting. The fantastic TV shows will make your stay in Germany a wonderful moment. There are so many Tv shows that you can watch while on vacation as long as you purchase the best Tv model that can accommodate such programs.