The Sewer Pipes Needed Cleaned

Water started backing up in our shower a few weeks ago. I knew that there was a problem with the pipes because nothing I did was working to keep the water down. I knew that this problem could turn into a major headache if I did not take care of it sooner rather than later. I can handle minor backups with my drain cleaner, but something of this magnitude required a company that does sewer cleaning in NJ. I had never needed to hire a plumber before so I just went online and started to do some research on the ones who were local to me.

I was able to find a quality plumber this way, and the appointment was made for the next day. I really liked that they said they could shift some things to come out that day if it was an emergency because that made me know they would do that if a more urgent problem came up in the future. When they came out, the plumber ran a camera down the drain to see what was happening in the pipes. There were definitely some clogged areas, and he told me what all he saw.

I was surprised to hear that the bulk of it was tree roots. There was not a tree close to the line, but he told me that the roots grow in different directions. He was not surprised to see the roots, nor was he surprised to see a few toys in there. I have three boys, so that really did not surprise me much. He was able to clean the pipes quickly, and I have not had any problems with water backing up into my shower since then. He was quick and professional, and the price was extremely affordable. I will definitely use them again in the future if the need arises!