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John Di Lemme The 10 Key Fundamental Marketing Mindsets Of Billion Dollar Companies

Mindset #1 – Crazy – You gotta get crazy and do something abnormal (above normal) in your business. Crazy means intensely enthusiastic. Are you intensely enthusiastic about taking your business to the next level? You can’t do that if you stay stuck in ordinary and keep doing the same old thing. Jump out of that box that’s held you captive for so many years and start taking full control of your life and business. Do what YOU want to do! Not what society and others tells you that you can do. Get crazy about your results in life!

Mindset #2 – Building – I often hear people say, “I work really hard. All I do is work.” The word “work” has a negative connotation, and no one likes it. Plus when you say it, you automatically feel that work is something that you have to do instead of something that you love to do. Instead of referring to your business as work, change it to building. Building is defined as increasing and strengthening. Say this out loud, “I am BUILDING my Billion Dollar Business!” See how much better that sounds. Drop the mindset of working really hard and gain the mindset of building your business to explode your results and live the life that you deserve to live!

Mindset #3 – On Time – Being on time in your business is not optional. You must be on time to serve your customers. When you are late, you instantly convey that you do not value your business or your customers’ time. It’s not enough just to be on time especially if you are running in at the last minute completely frazzled. You should be at least 15 minutes early so that you are fully prepared to share your products and services. That extra time gives you the ability to be laser-focused on your customers’ needs and create an experience that your customers will never forget.

Mindset #4 – Straight Talk – Your customers don’t want to hear any fluff. They want straight talk about what your products and services can do for them. We live in a microwave society in which instant gratification is expected. People won’t invest time listening to you beat around the bush about your business. Get to the point! What problem does your product or service solve for your customers? This is easy to do if you run an ethical business with rock-solid products and services. You have nothing to hide and everything to gain when you share straight talk with your customers.

Mindset #5 – Relentless – You must be absolutely relentless about building your business. You refuse to give up no matter what the naysayers tell you or what label society has tried to slap on you. Being relentless means that you refuse to quit, and it’s not even an option for you. It also means that you will not let anyone or anything stand in the way of you building a huge business and achieving your goals and dreams. Commit to be relentless and stomp out the fear that has tried to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams!

Mindset #6 – Associations – Who are you around? Take a good look at the last five people in your cell phone and understand that’s your future. If you don’t like what you see, then use the most important function in your phone…DELETE! Get rid of the people in your life that are stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams. If you don’t, you will end up living with the regret of what you could have done with your life. Fill your life with positive, like-minded Champions that support you, believe in you, and aren’t afraid to give you some tough love when you get distracted.

Mindset #7 – Be Decisive – Champions make decisions, and decisions make champions! Too many business owners refuse to take a step of faith and make decisions that could radically change their lives. They settle for running a mediocre business with mediocre results, because fear has them held captive. Not only are they not living up to their potential, but they are also selfish. Why? Because not making decisions is stopping them from building a huge business that could change lives worldwide. Take a step of faith and make an uncomfortable decision that will create radical results in your business.

Mindset #8 – Experience – What type of experience do you create for your customers? Your customers should be excited to enter the atmosphere of your business. They should look forward to seeing you and receiving awesome bonuses for simply being your customer. Your customers should also grow to expect that you will provide no less than a standard of excellence in every area of your business. Test your experience and walk in your customer’s shoes. Settle for nothing less than a 5 star experience in your business!

Mindset #9 – Trust – Your customers must trust you. If they don’t, then it will be impossible to develop long-term relationships with them. How do you earn your customers’ trust? Do what you say that you are going to do. Yes, it’s that easy. If you tell your customers you are going to do something, then do it. Plus commit to over-deliver for your customers. Go over and beyond their expectations. Absolutely blow their minds with extreme customer service not just once but every single time you interact with them. You will inevitably earn their trust and build rock-solid relationships with them.

Mindset #10 – Real People with Real Results – Your customers love testimonials! They want to know that other people have had positive results with your products and services. REAL people with REAL results not made up testimonials or paid testimonials! When you build long-term, trusting relationships with your customers, they will be more than happy to give you testimonials. Sharing these testimonials with your other customers will instantly give them confidence in your products and services.

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