Apartment Living Makes Traveling for Long Periods of Time So Much Easier

We wanted to explore and see things while we were young, so we bought a used RV to work and live in when we first got married. We are originally from Missouri. We had finished college, where we met, and got married after graduation. One of the things that got us together was our desire to explore. We needed a home address and place to return to when not out traveling, so we looked at apartments in Florissant just outside of St. Louis. We wanted a place that was affordable, and would be comfortable when we came back from being on the road.

We would go places on a whim more than having a plan. I remember being in a kayak in southern California one week and then skiing in Colorado the following week. We supported our travels by using our degrees to run a business from the road. We wrote, designed, programmed and consulted for a living. I would take every decent ability we had and found a way to make some money with it. We did not do too bad at all. Our parents thought we were crazy, but we were actually making more than them, and we were putting away more for retirement than they did at our age.

We would come home every few months and spend some time at our apartment. Our neighbors thought we were quiet and just rarely seen. We never told anyone that we traveled. We kept our RV at a storage facility when we were not on the road. Our apartment was a nice place to come home to. I enjoyed the pool in the summer, as well as sitting out on the balcony with a cup of coffee and an interesting book to read. Then we would get the itch to get on the road again. It was nice having an apartment instead of a house. We did not have to arrange for any grass cutting or maintenance while we were gone.